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Episode 5: The Confessions of an Anglophile Vol.1: 80’s UK INDIE MIX

Episode 5!

The mix on this episode was based on another UK Indie Mix that we made back in 2004 to promote our now defunct internet radio station, The Sonic Sound System… which by the way, The Miami New Times wrote a nice little blip about it back in the day… I weep.


The original mix was a hit within the anglophile community and a favorite amongst friends and listeners of the station. It got so popular that an actual British citizen declared Fence The Fishboy an honorary Briton… ‘ello!

That said, we are NOT presenting that mix. We decided to re-record the whole thing (blasphemy) as we could only find a crappy low bit rate version of the ORIGINAL (128kbps) and it sounds exactly like ass.

So, The Fishboy re-recorded the mix @ Cookieheadz studio back in February and pulled a George Lucas… meaning, some of you may not be happy with the final result as it is not an exact copy of the original mix. Some songs have been omitted, while new songs have been added. Either way, it still functions as an ass kicking brit pop mix… and if you have never heard the original, you will have no idea on what I’m talking about.


– Cookieheadz Coalition

You can Download via Sound Cloud by clicking on the little arrow pointing down..

This Pirate Pod Cast is best experienced on an IPHONE, ITOUCH, or IPOD. You can skip through songs and view visual gags/album artwork for each individual chapter. The future is now!!!

This is an m4a file, so if you want to burn it on to disk (this goes for all our podmixes),  you will need to convert it to a WAV or an AIF file on ITUNES beforehand.

Track Listing:

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