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Alx Czo: Voltron Symphony, D 911: She Is A Galaxy (excerpt)


Burning Hand Of Friendship presents Alx Czo’s Voltron Symphony, D 911. Music inspired and created in honor of Voltron, Defender of the Universe. Beast King Go-Lion, Armored Fleet Dairugger, protect our world from the evil Oligarchy. Gods of The Children, hear our prayers. Music composed by Alx Czo, Cookieheadz music. Edited by the Cookieheadz Coalition. […]

VJ Cookieheadz – Tones On Tail Vs Nosferatu


Episode 5: The Confessions of an Anglophile Vol.1: 80’s UK INDIE MIX


Episode 5! The mix on this episode was based on another UK Indie Mix that we made back in 2004 to promote our now defunct internet radio station, The Sonic Sound System… which by the way, The Miami New Times wrote a nice little blip about it back in the day… I weep. anyway… The […]