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Episode 4: The Spirit of 77: Garage, Power Pop, and Punk Rock

Alas, we made it to episode 4!

The mix on this episode was recorded @ ((SHAKE)) @ The Vagabond, a couple months back during one of our Rockers Vs Bros nights. It is a continuation of our “Who Is Killing Rock N Roll?” series, picking up where the 60’s left off… the 70’s.

As 1970’s Rock N Roll is too big of an elephant to capture in 110 minutes of digital celluloid, I decided to cut to the money shot and focus on the Punk Rock/Power Pop/Garage/Jibber Jabber/77 vibe.. and I promise in future episodes we will explore every other nook and cranny that 70’s rock has to offer…. when I get around to it, so get off my ass!

For the purist out there, I want to come clean and confess to a serious and treacherous crime.  Not all the songs on this mix are from the 1970’s nor were they all recorded in 1977  (I’ll let you figure it out).  Now, now.. before the pitchfork crowd comes after me, in my defense, I merely wanted to capture the essence of 77 and I wasn’t out to document or archive… so please spare me your dramaramma suckah dj turdazz and let me touch your ear bone, meng!

You can Download it here via Sound Cloud by clicking on the lil arrow pointing down.. (Still working!)

This Pirate Pod Cast is best experienced on an IPHONE, ITOUCH, or IPOD. You can skip through songs and view the album artwork for each individual chapter. The future is now!!!


Remember… if you like the tracks, buy the music! Support our Record Shops!!
Radio-active Records
Yesterday And Today Records

I dedicate this mixx to a bunch of dudes and my imaginary girlfriend:

The sexy Jose El Rey, The fertile Able Folger, The matt damon Dominic Sirianni, El Papa Ahol Sniffs Glue, and the rest of the ((SHAKE))/Vagabond familyyeee. A special shout out to my boy, Ben Carilloooo… one of the only folks in Miami bustin’ out and preachin’ the power pop manifesto, and definitely an inspiration on this mix.

…and For those who have been bugging me for a new electronic music mix, I should have a mellow electronic mix next month.(March).. something to chill y’all of you out!

Episode 4: Spirit Of 77: Garage, Power Pop, and Punk Rock
DJ guest: Cookieheadz The 4ourth
Theme Song By: Skinny Elvis and The Fat Dudes
Announcer: Our Man Roger
Engineer: Shakira Jr.
Produced by the cookieheadz coalition
Explicit Language/Low Brow Humor/Adult Situations
Merry 2009

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