The Burning Hand Of Friendship
Love and Hate from South of Heaven

Episode 2: Who Is Killing Rock N’ Roll?

Our efforts are non-profit and our purpose is to preserve and catalog the DJ mixes created by the friends of the Cookieheadz Coalition.

Episode 2 of the Burning Hand Of Friendship launches it’s investigation on the conspiracy of the assassination of Rock N Roll. The first installation focuses on the eradication of The 50’s from our air waves. “They are erasing the nativity of Rock N Roll from the ears of future generations!”

This show is aimed specifically at our local oldies station Majic 102.7 , which has been feeding us mediocre programming for years. The traitors have quietly removed the 1950’s from their playlist, replacing it with the “newer sounds” of the 1970’s. We will not allow this era to fade away, daddy-o!

Hosted By Detective Severino, formerly Cookieheadz the 2nd

DJ Guest: Alex Christ, King Of The Dudes

Engineer: Shakira Jr.

Theme song and episode produced and put together by The Cookieheadz Coalition.

Excerpts from The KLF used as background music.

Click Below for the Ninjacast of The Burning Hand Of Friendship!



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