The Burning Hand Of Friendship
Love and Hate from South of Heaven

Episode 1: Miami’s Stoner Disco Expose’

Our efforts are non-profit and our purpose is to preserve and catalog the DJ mixes created by the friends of the Cookieheadz Coalition.

Hosted By Cookieheadz The Third
DJ Guest: Alx Czo

Engineer: Shakira Jr.

Theme song and episode produced and put together by The Cookieheadz Coalition.
Excerpts from The KLF used as background music.

You can skip through tracks and look at album covers only on a IPhone, IPOD, or ITouch.

Burning Hand Of Friendship #1

Track listing
Burning Hand Theme and Intro
Episode 1:Miami’s Stoner Disco Movement
intro/Daestro – Light Powered
Metro Area – Tonky Pumps (cookieheadz manga edit)
Royksopp – Only This Moment (forsiktge massasje mix)
Deadbeat – Boil – Cookeheadz edit
Luci – Rappaton/Stacey Q/CHZ edit
Matthew Dear – Elementary Lover (CHZ fast edit)
Ernest Saint Laurent/Royksopp – Remind Me – Moonfish mix
Feadz – Edwrecker
FPU – Crockett’s Theme (faster edit)
Mr. Flagio – Take A Chance
Chemical Bros. – Life is Sweet (Daft Punk Remix)
Saint Etienne – Conchita Martinez
Georges Vert – Electric Bird
Waterford Landing – Theme From Through The Night (fast Edit)
Santogold – Shove it – (get rid of spank rock edit)
Treasure Fingers – Cross Dancefloor (lifelike rmx) – CHZ edit
Moby – Heaven (Treasure Fingers CHZ blend)
Kelley Polar – Ashamed Of Myself (moby chz blend)
Daso – Meine
Anubian Lights – Fur Immer Und Ewig (Daso CHZ blend)
Disrupt – Riddim Grid (Anubian CHZ blend)
Booka Shade – Charlotte/Mr.G
Audion – Just Fucking/Luke Solomon – Spirits (prins Thomas Disko)

Kids on drugs, the same ol story! When will the madness end.

Kids on drugs, the same ol story! When will the madness end?

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